Friday, September 23, 2005

A Case for Legal Process Outsourcing

Shyster at presents a great case for Legal Process Outsourcing. The author is a US Attorney himself and like a majority in the US Attorney community, is waking up to a world where outsourcing of legal services is not longer mission impossible.

India, being a favored destination for knowledge based outsourcing, is home to a number of providers of legal services. These providers are located all over the country and provide services that span a wide spectrum of legal services. Their success is an indicator of a successful trial run of not only outsourcing but also offshoring legal work.

This blog will track the players in this space, the services they provide, and their well being. In addition, this blog will host pointers to interesting activities within the legal world with a greater focus on intellectual property.

To begin with, as pointed in the article by Shyster, we take a look at Pangea3. The firm is based out of Mumbai (India's commercial capital), is run by US Attorneys, and employs Indian lawyers and technologists. Being uniquely located in Mumbai, Pangea3 has the advantage of being able to provide a whole gamut of legal related services, within the broader scope of Patent Prosecution and Litigation, Contract Review and Drafting, Legal Research, Document Review and so on.

Being led by US Attorneys is the USP of the firm. Pangea3 uniquely offers the combination of lawyers and technologists for lawyers and technologists, two groups who form a majority of the firm's clients - effectively aYour team in India concept.

Legal Process Outsourcing is slated for a huge success, news reports and analysis on this blog will prove that. Watch this space!