Friday, January 25, 2008

LPO: Another imposter in town

This isn't even funny. After the discovery of another company, an LPO aspirant, in 2007 which was too lazy to even write the content on their website, the very first month of 2008 has led to a discouraging discovery. This company developed a website which on the outset looks sophisticated but look only a bit deeper and one realises the extent of plagiarism on the website content. Take a look at the FAQ page, " Although our parent law firm, Smith Dornan Dehn..." - shocking, isn't it? As far as I know Smith Dornan Dehn runs only one LPO in India. Is it a case of "you may not accept me as your student, but I consider you as my teacher..." a la Eklavya, of the modern day?!

As if that was not enough, take a look at this screenshot - the "Inc. 500 fastest growing company award - 2007 (ranked 68th) " bit. This is copied word-for-word from

Quell Horreur, again! When will this stop?