Monday, January 19, 2009

Press Release: Lawwave Makes a Play: Sets Sights on Improving the LPO Market

Lawwave, located in New York City and Chennai, launched its new website ( detailing its services, its team and its new location in Chennai. Ranked #5 by the “Blackbook of Outsourcing”, Lawwave has set its sights on vastly increasing the overall market and its own market share as a result of the company’s dedicated commitment to raising the quality of work performed by Indian attorneys in the offshore market.

“Part of the problem with the current offshore model is that American firms are concerned about the quality of the work performed by Indian attorneys,” says Sumeet Nath, co-founder of Lawwave. “We’ve created the industry leading training program to ensure not only our clients, but the clients of any LPO provider, that we as an industry are committed to raising the bar by delivering the same quality services that American firms and corporations expect.”

Lawwave’s impressive three week training program focuses on American style legal writing, legal research and the American legal system. In addition, the program stresses patent research, contracts and comparisons of the common law.

“The fact is that Indian lawyers have all the tools they need to partner with their American counterparts, except this type of training. India provides a large, educated and eager legal workforce with a similar grounding in the common law. With one training session under my belt, I’m hoping I’ll be able to make the upcoming session even better than those we held in fall of last year” states Aaron Golembiewski, Managing Attorney and Chief Knowledge Officer with Lawwave. Golembiewski continues, “My vision is that this training program not only provides Indian attorneys with the skills they need to succeed in the LPO industry, but also with skills they can utilize in their own practices in India.”

Lawwave’s training program will be held in Chennai from January 23rd until February 12th, Delhi from February 6th to the 26th and Bangalore from February 13th to March 5th. More information on Lawwave and its training program may be found at

For further press inquiries, please contact Aaron Golembiewski at