Friday, July 24, 2009

Law firms in India

In a comprehensive article written by Reena SenGupta the reader gets an insight to the present condition of the law firms in India.

Legal profession, which dates back to centuries, has always been seen as one of the elite professions. Many of the freedom fighters and stalwarts of independent India have been iconic figures of this vocation. But few decades back not much salary was paid to law graduates making them to go for another career. But now the scenario seems to change. India’s legal sector is growing exponentially. With the coming of LPOs the pace has accelerated further. Reena in this positive scene also points to some challenges that Indian legal sector faces. They are as follows:

1. UK firms have become aggressive recruiters taking bright talent from the campus itself
2. More than three quarters of Indian law firms have attrition and staff retention as here major problems
3. Many law firms are still family dominated and traditionally managed.
4. Lack of modern management and infrastructure

Read more to know the current scenario and how the Indian law firms are coping with pressures and turning the tide of business towards them.