Monday, October 05, 2009

Outsourcing industry: another prediction of its future

James Dunning, a legal consultant, in his article Legal Process Outsourcing – Dream or Disaster? examines two perspectives of the present economic condition. One side of the coin depicts legal outsourcing as being an option for the law firms to implement “progressive management strategy”, wherein the work outsourced gives the law firms more time to deal with critical issues rather than being involved in routine work. While the other side of the coin shows that big corporations are realizing the downside of subcontracting. For example Boeing company. The company had to eventually acquire its subcontractors owing to its persistent problems in the Dreamliner’s development.

With these two facets of the economic reality in mind the author charts out a course of events for the outsourcing industry. Read more to know how outsourcing, in author’s opinion, eventually becomes a “more manageable middle ground” in future.