Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lawyers soon to become expert project managers

In an article, which appeared in Hilderbrandt, a very interesting question was put forth before the readers. The question is related to the current discussions on having alternative pricing, which is now challenging the billable hour. The author in an attempt to go to the root cause of the problem, which is to understand COSTS, enters in the labyrinth of questions. The most basic one being that what has led to doubling of costs by the lawyers in recent few years. “Is it because there was an added complication one time or was the job just poorly managed? If it’s the latter, is it possible to make someone (a lawyer) a good project manager?”

Lawyers have no doubt in recent years have understood the mechanics of globalization and economics. They have also understood that budgetary issues now no more surface in the job description of financial experts alone. It is now the time to get into legal project management as well. This is one area where niche legal services outsourcing firms can provide the much needed exposure and experience. The huge ambit of work dealt by such firms gives the lawyers working their opportunities to learn and execute different principles of legal project management. There are multiple success stories in such companies where an individual who joined in as a legal analyst have in short span of time and owing to challenging nature of work has become a leader of big teams of lawyers and paralegals.

Gradually the mindset regarding LPO units is changing among the masses. They now comprehend the multi-dimensionality of work done in big LPO companies such as CPA Global and are eager to carve their career in such organizations.