Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Legal Services outsourcing: Now mandatory to know

In an article, which appeared in Financial Director, various facets of the emerging LPO business came forth.

The first major finding has been that the law firms have been quick in taking services provided by LPO companies rather than big businesses. However, the last year deal between CPA Global and mining giant, Rio Tinto, seems to herald a new chapter in the way legal outsourcing services are viewed.

The second big point is about cost saving. I have repeatedly mentioned in my articles that although cost saving is the major attraction, it is the Quality of the work which scores a point. “Cost is not the only cause of the renaissance in legal outsourcing; more clients are beginning to realize there are also opportunities to improve process efficiency and transparency, while still maintaining exemplary standards of quality and security” Rob Stichbury, CPA Global’s Director of Business Development.

It’s not only the client who needs to check the credentials as well as service provided by LPO companies, but also the service providers who need to know that process improvement, innovation, data security and consistent and strict adherence to Quality standards is what would help them in the present scenario of mushrooming LPO units.