Monday, August 16, 2010

Time to open your eyes to legal outsourcing

Russell Smith in his article “ The Toothpaste is out of the tube” shares his own experience regarding the legal out sourcing industry in India. He in his article not only brings forth the benefits accrued by the Western clients but also demythifies the statement that legal outsourcing is taking away the jobs of the UK and US lawyers. He brings forth the fact that by outsourcing litigation work many legal cases have been dismissed at the court of law rather than being settled. This according to him has happened only “because of the successful teamwork among attorneys in US and in India”. He uses the term “benign tort reform” to address the phenomenon wherein “defendants facing bogus or inflated tort claims are choosing to litigate and win.” This has been possible only from the existence of legal outsourcing firms in countries such as India and Philippines which has led to the usage of money, otherwise being given for payouts, to go back to the U.S. economy.

Legal outsourcing industry cannot be ignored now. It’s here to stay. The question is not on its existence but on the existence of those who don’t embrace it.