Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boon time for Indian lawyers

A special feature on aggressive hiring trends in LPO sector, entitled 'LPOs catch Indian lawyers' appeared in The Financial Express. This industry trend piece talks in detail about Indian lawyers and path breaking growth planned by the industry.

LPO in India is looking forward in expanding its presence in the outsourcing sector owing to which big names like CPA Global, United Lex, and Infosys are into major hiring spree especially for the lawyers. This development does not alone mean profit for the business but is also a boon time for law graduates and lawyers. They now have an option to skip the drudgery and hardship, which they earlier spent at courts practicing, move directly to an LPO company and get the benefits of corporate culture.

The article elaborates recent LPO expansion by quoting Anand Sharma, CFO and Head of Management Services at CPA Global, “We will hire 400 lawyers in India by the end of this year. Our global headcount will be 7500 in five years. We expect 75% of it to be in India,” says Anand Sharma, CFO and head, management services at CPA Global. The company’s 40% hiring would constitute laterals with 12-15 years experience and the remaining 60% would be freshers.”

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