Thursday, April 15, 2010

LPO Company achieves one more milestone for its client

SDD Global Solutions, the India arm of Channel 4’s U.S. counsel, SmithDehn LLP, achieved a major feat by defeating a libel case involving a plaintiff who sought $800,000 dollars in damages, all allegedly due to the inclusion of her name in a comedy routine. Sanjay Bhatia, SDD Global’s Head of Operations, commented that “this is a case where outsourcing created more work in the US, rather than less. Because our team made the defense affordable, US lawyers were able to do the things in the US that they do best there, such as strategizing, supervising, editing, and appearing in court. The implications of this case are huge. With legal outsourcing, baseless lawsuits can be defeated on their merits, instead of settled simply out of fear of legal fees.” Read more to know about the case and how SDD Global provided strategic support in bringing forth a cost effective and innovative win for Channel 4.