Friday, March 09, 2007

A new LPO everyday!

Legal Process Outsourcing has so many believers now that hardly a few days pass by without news of a new LPO being opened / planned - and mostly in India.

iDiligence: A new player on the block, whose promoters wrote in announcing their arrival! Having presence in Miami, Chicago andBangalore (India) - the company currently offers Document Review, Priviledge Review and Legal Coding related services. An interesting bit about the company (perhaps an early attraction) is a low fixed hourly cost of $30. Since I cannot vouch for the quality from the company, but I am sure that if it is any good, that could push LPO vendors in some sort of a pricing war - at least for the lower end of the LPO service spectrum. Media coverage on the company can be found here and here.
Update: They recently hired!

Centric LPO - A collaborative venture between Hinduja TMT, Fox Mandal Little and Centric Group. Allegedly a "Mega LPO"! Enough said :)