Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 State of the LPO Sector Survey

Last year Ravi Shankar, a Harvard Law graduate, administered the 2010 State of the LPO Sector Survey to study business fundamentals of the LPO industry in India at large. The report had (a) profiled LPO firms and (b) sought to understand how they market themselves.[1] Notable findings from the corresponding 2010 State of the LPO Sector Report include:

· Despite strong growth projections, it is a challenge for most LPO firms to attract clients: Why do LPO firms and commentators project strong industry growth, yet firms find it difficult to attract clients? One explanation offered by a plurality of LPO firms is that few firms capture most of the market.

· 2004 to 2007 may have been a “golden age” for starting a LPO firm: Outside of this three-year window, the number of LPO firms entering the industry appears to have fallen. Does this suggest that new entrants are unable to capture market share despite strong growth projections?

· BPO experience helps: In the view of one CEO, BPO companies possess two advantages: First, security infrastructure is in place—both for employees and data. Second, they have experience marketing themselves to an American and British client base.

Informed by the 2010 Survey as well as communication with LPO firms and relevant field experts, the 2011 Survey has evolved to ask LPO firms about their (a) clients, (b) revenue, and (c) opinion of often-cited market analysts. If you are interested please write to Ravi Shankar at

[1] A full copy of the 2010 Report is available at

[1] A full copy of the 2010 Report is available at

Monday, June 20, 2011

CPA Global hosts event on the latest trends in Cloud-based IP Management

CPA Global, the world’s top provider of intellectual property (IP) management and leading provider of legal services outsourcing (LSO), today brought together IP experts in Palo Alto, Calif. for the company’s event IP in the Cloud: Managing Your IP while Keeping Pace with Innovation to explore the latest trends in cloud computing.

Featuring noted industry expert Mary O’Malley, Senior Patent Paralegal at eBay, Inc., the presentation focused on the growing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS), specifically cloud-based IP management. Organizations that embrace this model find it increases data access speed and simplifies the IP process with minimal infrastructure.

“The practice of cloud-based IP management brings strategic value to corporations and enhanced client relationships to firms,” said Jim Lee, Sales Manager at CPA Global. “As a result, the growing industry trend has gained quite a bit of recent attention for the time and cost savings it offers companies.”

An early adopter of the SaaS model, O’Malley addressed the benefits of implementing a cloud-based IP solution. These include cost savings and the reduction of IT overhead, enhanced portfolio visibility, system customization, scalability, collaboration with outside counsel and inventors, as well as the use of the cloud to ensure business continuity and security. She also discussed how the cloud simplifies the management of information disclosure statements, a critical component of patent prosecution that is particularly time-consuming and burdensome.

The presentation also taught attendees how cloud computing can complement client-centric organizations, discussing how to leverage the model as a strategic business platform and highlighting its ability to enhance client-law firm relationships.

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