Friday, June 29, 2007

LegalEase Solutions Press Release

Legalbill and LegalEase Team Up to Seriously Impact the Legal Industry

LegalEase Solutions LLC, a premier legal offshoring provider, is proud to announce its recent partnership with LLC, the leader in legal spend management, analysis, and auditing, serving North America, Western Europe and Asia.

This Legalbill/LegalEase partnership will offer corporate law departments and law firms a full suite of services ranging from legal cost analysis, auditing, and identification of areas of critical legal spend to offshoring solutions tailored to the same.

Legalbill serves its global client base from three offices: North American Headquarters located in Brentwood, Tennessee; European Headquarters located in Frankfurt, Germany and Asian offices in Mumbai, India. LegalEase services global clients from its offices in Detroit, Michigan; Cochin, India and Chennai, India.

Note: This release was sent by email, unfortunately no information is available on the company website.

SDD Global Press Release

SDD Global Solutions Brings Hollywood to India

High-End LPO Does Legal Work for Blockbuster Films in its Mysore Headquarters

Bangalore, June 14, 2007: SDD Global Solutions, the only legal process outsourcing company in India managed by a U.S. law firm, today announced that it is now performing, and will continue to perform, high-end legal work for major Hollywood movie studios and television companies, on everything from blockbusters by 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Universal Pictures, to hit television shows by HBO. SDD Global Solutions is working on major Hollywood movies and television programming from its headquarters in Mysore, supported by its rapidly growing staff of Indian lawyers.

The Chairman of SDD Global Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mr Russell Smith, also dubbed as "The Maharaja of Media" by The American Lawyer, said, “Nearly all of the legal work for ‘Borat,’ the most financially successful comedy film of all time, was done from Mysore. Similarly the award-winning film, ‘Death of a President’, featuring the fictional assassination of U.S. President Bush, could not have been released, without the rapid, expert, and low-cost legal assistance that SDD Global provided.”

He further added, “SDD Global Solutions is helping get insurance for Al Pacino’s next film, and doing the legal groundwork for a new reality TV series about rookie cops. There is business coming in to SDD Global where we will be doing work on a major new motion picture from Universal Pictures. Another large Hollywood studio has asked us to handle thousands of U.S. immigration visas for its actors and directors. Our clients are happy to have their legal work done in the most cost-effective and efficient location in the world right now, which is our office in Mysore, India.”

Most recently, the attorneys at SDD Global have been doing legal research to help defend a highly-acclaimed HBO television series, now facing a court case in Los Angeles. The Company’s employees also help prepare legal roadmaps to help film and television producers avoid trouble and obtain needed insurance. With the influx of clients, SDD Global last month moved to its own 330-employee building in Mysore and is looking to hire over 200 recruits within the next 12 months.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Legal Tech Embraces LPO

John Parker posted the following at A-1 Technology blog (snippets below):

Aptara, Inc., a global leader in integrated content transformation solutions, today announced the addition of an advanced Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) solution to its expanding stable of content services. The new LPO solution enables law firms and General Counsels within corporations to effectively manage their costs and resources. Aptara will provide pre-established service level agreement (SLA) offerings to ensure delivery of the highest performance and quality.

As part of this advanced solution, Aptara has expanded its offerings to include coding, indexing, tagging and advanced Collection, Forensic and Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) services. Leveraging state-of-the-art software and certified ISO:9000 facilities, Aptara offers the outsourced advantage of bringing together a worldwide network of high quality professionals and resources resulting in reduced costs and administrative time for legal customers so they can focus on the intricacies of each case. In the U.S. alone, the demand for content related legal services is projected to rise from $1.2B in 2005 to $5.0B in 2010.

Aptara's LPO solution includes both discovery and non-discovery services. Discovery services will provide corporate and law firm customers with access to both paper and electronic document processing capabilities. Services include scanning and optical character recognition to provide customers with the ability to transform paper documents into electronic images.

Non-discovery services include consulting and analysis support such as, case management, coding and indexing services, and subpoena services. These services provide litigators with a dedicated, certified offshore paralegal so that they are able to refocus their in-house resources. Additionally, legal research staff can be provided for document analysis, e-filing capabilities and other case support activities. Finally, Aptara will provide support for attorney re-certification by leveraging its renowned eLearning capabilities.

Sounds promising, any further information or first-hand experience using the "LPO Solution" is welcome. The industry seems to be taking the natural path of growth, outsourcing coupled with leveraging technology to continually improve the offering and cost-effectiveness.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Borat uses LPO!

Yes, Borat even with his sometimes insensitive jokes is being protected by law, in a cost efficient manner, thanks to Legal Process Outsourcing! SDD Global Solutions, a Mysore-based new entrant into the space works for Sacha Baron Cohen and others in Hollywood, including Al Pacino. This NDTV story has more. You-Tube enthusiasts among you can watch the story here.

In another piece, founders of SDD Global are quoted on the profitability in the LPO space vis-a-vis BPO. LPO has also managed to grab the attention of BPO biggies and BPO advisory firms - high time, isn't it?!