Monday, November 29, 2010

Corporate clients embrace outsourcing

A by-lined article from Leah Cooper discusses how the legal profession is on the cusp of unprecedented change, and that LSO (and CPA Global in particular) is at the forefront of that change. The piece highlights growth in new business (including our ongoing discussions with Australian law firm Blake Dawson), how LSO is attracting interest from outside investors as well as high-level legal professionals who see the sector as an exciting career alternative, and the results of recent market research on the perceptions of LSO, commissioned by CPA Global.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boon time for Indian lawyers

A special feature on aggressive hiring trends in LPO sector, entitled 'LPOs catch Indian lawyers' appeared in The Financial Express. This industry trend piece talks in detail about Indian lawyers and path breaking growth planned by the industry.

LPO in India is looking forward in expanding its presence in the outsourcing sector owing to which big names like CPA Global, United Lex, and Infosys are into major hiring spree especially for the lawyers. This development does not alone mean profit for the business but is also a boon time for law graduates and lawyers. They now have an option to skip the drudgery and hardship, which they earlier spent at courts practicing, move directly to an LPO company and get the benefits of corporate culture.

The article elaborates recent LPO expansion by quoting Anand Sharma, CFO and Head of Management Services at CPA Global, “We will hire 400 lawyers in India by the end of this year. Our global headcount will be 7500 in five years. We expect 75% of it to be in India,” says Anand Sharma, CFO and head, management services at CPA Global. The company’s 40% hiring would constitute laterals with 12-15 years experience and the remaining 60% would be freshers.”

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Will Philippines challenge India as the next LPO destination?

Infosys recent announcement of expanding its legal outsourcing operations to Manila have made many question about cost effectiveness of this new destination. Philippines like India have a legal system that is similar to US. Also its talent pool is English speaking and is offering its services at a pittance when compared with US lawyers. So does this mean that LPO industry in India is under threat?

India LPO domain has now reached a point where they have established a strong hold not only in terms of doing quality work but also in improvising the process of doing it. Certification such as ISO 9001:2008 testify the quality while the increasing level of complexity of work meted out to some of the LPO units talk about the skill workforce present in India. Though Philippines has a similar law infrastructure India on the other hand has a huge talent pool which is already on its path of growing the LPO sector.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thomson Reuters has acquired one of India’s largest pure play LPO companies Pangea3

The acquisition price would be in the range of $35 to 40m (Rs 157 to 200 crore) as reported by Business Standard and citing unnamed sources.

The deal was announced by Thomson Reuters but did not disclose a deal value. Its legal division’s president and chief executive officer said in a press release that legal outsourcing added a vital strategic complement to the company’s portfolio of “specialised information and workflow solutions”, and would be the key to helping law firms and corporate legal departments be more “responsive and cost-effective”.
"Pangea3 is true to our mission to help the legal system perform better, every day, worldwide; we will now bring to the legal marketplace a responsive, high-quality, transformative resource for a broad range of legal support work,” he added in the statement.

Pangea3 declined to comment. Pangea3 and Thomson Reuters told Business Standard that they did not comment on speculation although neither denied the news.

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Survey on the LPO industry

Hello readers,

The LPO industry, as you all are aware, has in recent times seen a lot of changes in the mindset as well as the work done by it. Ravi Shankar, Harvard Law graduate, is administering a survey to study business fundamentals of the LPO industry in India at large. The questionnaire is addressed to operational managers in the Indian. If you are interested please contact Ravi Shankar at .

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