Monday, May 07, 2007

LPO: Regulatory Framework Mooted!

Mark Ross, of LawScribe has an interesting though a self-confessed controversial post on the need for a regulatory framework for the LPO vendors. Mark laments, and reasonably so, about too many self-styled LPO providers, mostly tiny in size, who are a potential risk to everyone (LPO providers) that is here with serious intentions.

Though his concern is serious, Mark's proposed round-table conference sounds, if I may say, elitist! My favorite was this
"4) A willingness to undergo an independent verification of the company's Indian offices. " - To satiate my curosity, I went to LawScribe's website onto the Office Locations page but found no address, not even a telephone number, of their Indian office - only the city name is mentioned.

That apart, I agree that “fly by night” operators should not be allowed to tarnish the repute of committed players. However, it doesn't seem likely that anyone will admit to an audit (independent) of their facility, staff, client list etc. Not anytime soon, that is.