Friday, June 29, 2007

LegalEase Solutions Press Release

Legalbill and LegalEase Team Up to Seriously Impact the Legal Industry

LegalEase Solutions LLC, a premier legal offshoring provider, is proud to announce its recent partnership with LLC, the leader in legal spend management, analysis, and auditing, serving North America, Western Europe and Asia.

This Legalbill/LegalEase partnership will offer corporate law departments and law firms a full suite of services ranging from legal cost analysis, auditing, and identification of areas of critical legal spend to offshoring solutions tailored to the same.

Legalbill serves its global client base from three offices: North American Headquarters located in Brentwood, Tennessee; European Headquarters located in Frankfurt, Germany and Asian offices in Mumbai, India. LegalEase services global clients from its offices in Detroit, Michigan; Cochin, India and Chennai, India.

Note: This release was sent by email, unfortunately no information is available on the company website.