Friday, July 06, 2007

First Concrete Step Towards an LPO Trade Association

There has been some buzz in the industry about forming a body comprising several LPO provider, a la National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), the Indian chamber of commerce that serves as an interface to the Indian software industry and Indian BPO industry (Source:

See the recent MindCrest press release and comments from LawScribe's Mark Ross. The following is a release from a representative of the body. I am certainly excited to see collaboration take place in this fast-growing space. So here's the breaking news on the formation!


At least 33 LPO companies in India, including several of the largest and most prominent in the industry, will be meeting in New Delhi on Saturday July 28, to form a trade association, tentatively named the National Association of Legal Process Offshoring Companies (NALPOC).

The meeting will be held at the Hans Plaza, a four-star hotel in Connaught Place, from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with a break for lunch at 1:30 p.m. The meeting will be chaired by a neutral facilitator, approved in advance by prospective members. All LPO companies in India are welcome to attend the meeting and send up to two representatives each, but registrations are requested by July 10 and must be received by July 18. For registration details and other information, please email Vidya Devaiah at

NALPOC is intended to become a much-needed voice of the LPO industry in India, not only to represent the industry, but also to create the best possible reputation for the industry, worldwide.

The following is a tentative statement of general objectives for NALPOC, subject to modification at the founding meeting:
1. Promoting the best image of the Indian LPO industry worldwide. Ensuring that this image is maintained through self-regulation, with members preserving the highest ethical standards and practices.
2. Providing an information platform for Indian LPO companies and specific industry services, with the dual purpose of attracting the best and the brightest to work in the fast-growing LPO field, and as an information resource for customers interested in off-shoring their legal processes to India.
3. Organising business meets, seminars, conferences and other media for open communication, in India and also overseas, to keep the industry up-to-date on the latest LPO news and innovations and provide a forum for overseas customers to discover the possibilities of the LPO industry in India.
4. Fostering a good relationship with the Indian Government and foreign governments that could impact our industry, and participating in the composition and development of government policy and legislation that will favorably affect the interests of our membership. 5. Working with universities, colleges, law schools, secondary schools, and other educational institutions, both in India and overseas, to increase the pool of suitable job candidates for the Indian LPO industry, and to facilitate their training and recruitment.
6. Representing the interests of the Indian LPO industry in relation to national and international agencies, trade associations and other organizations, in all areas relevant to our membership.