Friday, June 19, 2009

Report by ValueNotes - 3% of law firms in UK, US offshore back-office work to India

In a recently published report by ValueNotes, 3% of law firms in UK, US offshore their back-office work to India. This number though less is in no way discouraging. Because of the fact that reasons attributed to it aren’t impossible to deal with. The first is the quality of work. With companies getting ISO certification and growing emphasis on quality one can gauge the sensitivity shown by offshore LPO service providers towards the clients’ concerns.

The second major issue is data security. LPOs deal with highly confidential matter. Thereby it becomes imperative that documents are handled in a sensitive manner. Companies have started following ISMS policies and are aware and alert to the potential dangers of leaking of information.

The third issue is lack of conviction about the benefits of offshoring. In order to tackle this many companies have opened offices on onshore locations so that communication can happen in an effortless way. Also the recent trends in global economy and successful cases of offshoring such as CPA Global dealings with the Microsoft and SDD Global Solutions role in the Los Angeles libel case against HBO’S “Da Ali G Show” are indicative of the changing time.