Friday, March 04, 2011

Ireland to be the next stop for legal outsourcing . . .

In an article written by Russell Smith an interesting development has to come to fore. Legal outsourcing is recently been seen having a new base in Ireland. To quote him “A flurry of reports indicate that UK mega law firms Allen & Overy and Herbert Smith both are setting up legal support offices in formerly war-torn Belfast in the coming months. The outsourced jobs will include not only hundreds of back-office clerical positions, but also over 75 fee-earning legal jobs.”

Does this mean a precursor to the legal outsourcing market in India? Is the Indian market capable to handle this situation keeping in mind that the Irish government is going out of its way to support the industry? I agree with Russell when he says that a lot would be clear when Indian government will reveal its decision regarding the IT-enabled services next month.

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