Monday, October 08, 2007

LPO: The "genius" among us!

Update: Mark Ross of LawScribe has this story - about the same "company"!

"I read your latest blog posting with a smile on my face. I don't know if you ever managed to see LexGenius' website before they took down (following LawScribe's threat of immediate legal action!).

Their website was virtually word for word a duplicate of the LawScribe site - it went as far as to completely copy Kunoor Chopra's profile but substitute in the name of the LexGenius founder!!

Although we were flattered somewhat I was left with little alternative other than to fire off a quick email saying that if the website wasn't down within one hour, then they would be hearing from our attorneys. I actually received an email (quite polite) within minutes saying that they had taken down the site"

Quell horreur! Quell scandale!

The fascinating thing about India is that given enough time one can search for anything or anyone. Unfortunate as it is, a search for me-too or fly-by-night LPO vendors doesn't take long.
Consider this: The popular internet media outlet, Rediff News, published an interview - titled "India is the best in legal offshoring" - with Russell Smith of SDD Global. Soon after another legal offshoring company (probably) simply stole it! An LPO called LexGenius (!) changed the title to "LexGenius in India is the best in legal offshoring" and posted it on nearly 20 web sites, pretending the interview was with LexGenius. Nearly every site later took down the fraudulent posting, but at least one did not. You can see the phony version at .

This blog has archived copies of the phony articles, just in case someone acts smart this time, as had previously happened! Anyone have more stories on such "vendors"?