Friday, July 24, 2009

Change in business and education

With the advent of outsourcing and offshoring of legal work many changes have been noticed in the legal scene. Matador Legal has posted an article ‘Legal Outsourcing: Challenges and Changes in Law education’ in which two issues have been spelt out. The first being Data security – the foremost concern of all the clients who are offshoring their work. Companies like CPA Global have addressed this concern by imbibing the philosophy ‘Quality is way of life’ in their work culture and have been successful to comply by ISO standards.

The second issue is the need to change education given to US law graduates. The author suggests “There is a need to differentiate between functions which can be outsourced and which cannot be outsourced”. An understanding of the economics and changing dynamics of globalization would help both the students and the teachers to understand the legal industry.