Sunday, August 05, 2007

Career Options in LPO

Sanjay Kamlani of Pangea3 wrote for HindustanTimes on career options for Indian lawyers. He draws a similarity between LPO companies and traditional law firms by commenting on the 'outsource' nature of both:

Since most people fear change and the unknown, this could be a daunting choice. But interestingly, all law firms are LPOs. Traditional India-based law firms outsource Indian legal services to Indian or overseas clients who prefer not to handle their Indian legal matters internally within their organisations. What people call LPO today simply refers to companies that provide legal services to corporate clients and overseas law firms (mainly in the US and Europe) about legal matters that do not relate to India. The irony is that both are technically “legal process outsourcers”; it is just that the term LPO has come to refer only to the latter.

He then lists some advantages of working for LPO companies versus traditional law firms:
  • Diversity of work exposure
  • Training in LPO
  • Growth for those not sons and daughters of promoters!

For any hope on working for foreign law firms, when[ever] they [are allowed to] setup shop in India, see this post from Mark Ross'. It ain't happening anytime soon though, I think - Lawyers are a strong lobby.