Wednesday, August 08, 2007

LPOs To Be a Focus of Economic Times CONSILIENCE 2007 World KPO Conference

Reflecting the recent rise of the LPO industry, the CEO's of three leading legal services offshoring companies will be addressing the annualworld KPO conference in Bangalore this Friday. The conference, Consilience 2007, has been organized by The Economic Times and The Times of India, and chaired by Genpact. The leaders of Integreon, Mindcrest, and SDD Global Solutions have been invited to address the conference, to be held at Le Meridien hotel from 10am to 6pm on August 10. For example, Russell Smith, head of SDD Global Solutions, will speak on the following topic:

Beyond the Back Office:How Legal Services KPOs Are Moving Further Into High-End Work

SDD Global's presentation will touch on such areas as:
-- Debunking the myth that LPO means the handlingof only commoditized, routine functions that do not require legal knowledge or talent.
-- Showing how legal services offshoring companies are attracting corporate clients instead of only law firms, starting a global paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services.
-- Discussing how an affiliation with a Western law firm can propel legal services offshoring tohigher levels on the value chain.
-- The real truth about the percentage of legal work that can be offshored to India (most of it!).

Other presentations will include:

What is and is not considered LPO, The advantages and disadvantages, Case Studies
o Murali Neelakantan, Partner, Arnold & Porter (UK) LLP

Success factors from the US/UK point of view
o Ganesh Natarajan, President & CEO, Mindcrest

User's perspective decision making drivers for customers and why we are able to address those drivers here in India
o Matthew Banks, Senior VP, Global Legal Services, Integreon

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