Thursday, August 16, 2007

LPO Summit 2008

American Conference Institute (ACI), the company that operates as a think tank, monitoring trends and developments in all major industry sectors is organising the LPO Summit in New York scheduled for the third week of January (16-17) next year. With speakers from Accenture; Citigroup; White & Case LLP; Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman among others, the Summit looks rather promising.

The two day conference promises to cover a breadth of topic including future LPO trends, drivers for outsourcing, value proposition, modus operandi, potential pitfalls etc. There would also be a workshop walking the participants through all the steps from thinking about LPO to benefitting from it or as Kubler-Ross would put it, from denial to acceptance (only in the most positive sense!).

For further information, contact Ms. Rupande Mehta (r [dot] mehta [at] americanconference [dot] com) or 212-352-3220 ext. 482

Watch this space for more on the Summit!