Wednesday, May 10, 2006

LPO Companies in Law School Campuses

I think it is a first for law school campus placements in India. Indian Express had a news item in Pune Newsline titled, "Law graduates find new takers: Infotech majors, MNCs" that talks about this new breed of employers for fresh law graduates.

Law is not high on the pecking order in India when it comes to choosing a career. Therefore big salary numbers (an indicator of success for most) are surely a thing to rejoice.

They may not be carrying the famous tags of IITs or IIMs with their degrees, but they are the new kids on the block. From infotech majors to multinational companies, these law graduates are an important ingredient in their scheme of things. With copyrights and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions being the flavour of the season and legal process outsourcing slowly catching up, it is the traditional discipline of law that is making waves again.

From Rs 3 lakh to Rs 7 lakh per annum as the salary package, the law graduates seem to have finally arrived.

What is interesting here is that LPO companies such as Pangea3 and Mindcrest are leading the pack in grabbing this legal talent.

Besides the in-house needs for corporates, legal process outsourcing is also finding takers in law graduates. ‘‘Two of our students have been taken by Mumbai-based legal outsourcing enterprises — Pangea3 and Mindcrest,’’ ILS’ Sabne said.

Pangea3 co-founder and co-CEO Sanjay Kamlani said it was the tremendous growth in legal process outsourcing business that has led them to eye the law graduates. ‘‘ILS and Symbiosis Law School are ranked among the top 10 law institutes in India. That is the reason we are actively pursuing their students to join our organisation,’’ he said.

Naturally, LPO's good is law firm's bad.

‘Of course not all want to go in for corporate jobs. There are some who want to move on to practicing. But the former are all set to outnumber the latter — and this could be a worrying trend for the legal profession.’’

I think this emergence of a new recruiter is beneficial for the students who for long have been complaining of the sheer drudgery and politics related to work in Indian law firms. Cut the drudgery, join an LPO, today! Also see my previous post on this.