Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Tiger and the Kangaroo: Treading the LPO path together

This is quite interesting!

Now, Indian LPO companies, their own infancy notwithstanding, are teaching firms in other parts of the world, a thing or two about LPO!

Shaun Dobbin from LegalResources wrote in to tell me about the LPO practice they have started in Australia. And where did they get the idea for this? From Lexsphere, an Indian provider of outsourced legal services. The companies have partnered to provide LPO services fairly across the spectrum. Here's their offering (source: company webpages, I am not in a position to comment either on the quality of such services rendered, or even if all of these are rendered presently):

Litigation support
Discovery analysis
Discovery management, presentation & access
Document abstraction, indexing & collation
Exhibit preparation

Transaction support
Customized draft transactional documents
Forms development & standardisation
Form libraries & version histories
Custom expert systems

IPR services
Application drafting
Patent & trademark searches
Patentability & infringement assessments
Status tracking

Legal research
Customized work product
Work product libraries
Work product updating
In-house research database
Newsletters & journal articles

Corporate secretarial
Incorporation documents
Statutory reports & filings
Board & shareholder resolutions & minutes
Resolution & minutes libraries
Online tickler system

Regulatory & compliance support
Application & report drafting
Document review & analysis
Rules & regulations monitoring & tracking

Administrative Services
Conflict management

Promotion & marketing
Human resource management

Business Process Consulting
Requirements & feasibility studies

Design & implementation of client-specific solutions
Management of captive staff & facilities

This is a great thing for both the partners and I hope this is among the firsts of many such partnerships between Indian and Aussie companies.

On a lighter note, the Indian LPO companies have Lexsphere and LegalResources for inspiration, the partnership is so strong, even their punchlines read "Legal Support Solutions" and "Your partner in Legal Support Solutions", respectively!

Who wants to be my partner?!