Tuesday, May 16, 2006

LPO: Hope for Discouraged and Disgruntled Law Graduates?

Are you a law graduate in India? Are you fed up 'pushing files' for senior advocates? It is time for you to smile. LPO is here!

That is the gyst of Mumbai Newsline's recent article quoting young law graduates working in LPO firms such as Pangea3 and Mindcrest. A graduate is quoted as saying:

‘‘Since we undertake work for foreign firms, we are better equipped to eventually work abroad. Besides, we also get to make suggestions to our clients about their business. That’s something completely missing in Indian firms,’’ says Anand.

Global exposure, attractive compensation, good career path, and a chance to learn professionalism from the professionals are mentioned as some of the attractions for young graduates. I agree with all of these, especially the work culture bit. Indian law firms really are the best place to work, where you either have a zillion 'Sirs' or are a 'Sir' to zillion people. It all sounds so artifical!

For graduates still not decided about trying LPO (a is-there-a-proof-of-concept anxiety), the following may be some relief:

Currently, about 40 GLC students are working for legal outsourcing firms.

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