Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More LPO Companies

More players join the LPO space!

Verist Research - Founded by Arjun Anand, one of the Anands (yes, of the law firm) - Focussed on IP Services

Innovar IP Consulting - One of the Directors is Komal Shah, registered US and Indian Patent Agent, previously worked with Nishith Desai Associates and Intellectual Licensing Group - Focussed on IP Services

Lexecute - Not aware of the founders - Offers a whole gamut of services, patents, trademarks, corporate services, and services towards the lower end of the spectrum

Welcome to the space!

Interestingly, two of the above three companies have Indian operations based out of Delhi. This kind of reaffirms what the last post asserted - Delhi is a favorite location for LPO companies.